Dry Bar Services

Blow Out Bar Menu

  • If you are in a rush come in already washed with towel dry hair and let us handle the rest $23
  • The starter Blow Out no fuss no muss $27
  • Some extra TLC using our styling tools $33
  • Extra relaxation with a signature scalp massage $11
  • Deep conditioning treatment to repair weakend or damaged hair $18

Blow Dry Bundles

  • The busy girl who needs beautiful hair always - Buy 8 Blow Outs for $199
  • Too busy to make it in twice a week then this is for you - Buy 4 Blow Outs for $99
  • And the quick fix girl's night out or a special event - Buy 2 Blow Outs for $48
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Meet The Ladies

Here are some suggestions for your Blow Out look


Lived in, tousled, call it what you like it’s a wash and go style


Smooth tamed locks, classy, chic and timeless you are ready for anything that may come your way


Sleek, easily turns from a cute pony or down for girl’s night out



Did someone say Farah Fawcett? This girl is more mature and loves her hair blowing in the wind


Volume, Volume, Volume the bigger the hair the better. Have you ever heard the bigger the hair the closer to heaven


Curls galore maybe Shirley Temple or a looser wave either way curls, curls, curls