Ombre, Sombre, or Balayage


Which is right for you?


balyaged ombres by Kelly Anne 400x600Ombre, Sombre, and Balayage, oh my! Finding the Ombre look that is right for you!

Ombre has been everywhere lately becoming a social media buzzword as the look grows more and more popular. It is a unique way to style your hair which strays from the traditional highlights. Everyone has at least heard of the style, and many have seen it everywhere from the streets to the red carpet. However, as familiar you might be with ombre, many people are still unaware that there are different types of ombre: the original ombre, a more subtle sombre, and the artistic balayage. Not sure which to pick? Here are some helpful tips.

Ombre is the classic look that comes to mind when people think of this style. This look is perfect for those looking to make a statement with their hair. It tends to be more drastic, going from a very dark color to a very light color. Sometimes it is kept in the same color scheme (think golden blonde to strawberry blonde) while in other situations the fade goes to another color entirely. The most important part of this style is proper fading. Imagine if you are coloring a sunset with crayons. As you cross the colors over each other, it creates a smooth fade between the different colors. Ombre stems from the same idea. The hairstylist usually works to make the color change gradual and seamless. However, while most people aren’t looking for a solid line where one color ends and the next starts, Ombre can do that for those who want it. Ombre has the most pizazz, and therefore will require the most upkeep to retain. However, this is no problem for our salon and we will work with you to set up future appointments as desired to help you achieve your perfect look.

As the dramatic look of Ombre moves out of style, Sombre is starting to take its place. The softer color changes and gentle fades make this look chic and sensible for even the strictest workplace. This look focuses on staying in the same color group, giving the appearance of subtle highlights which catch the light around the face. This is a look which is fast growing popular in the celebrity world, and a great look for someone on the fence about getting an Ombre style. Most notably, the Kardashians have been seen sporting the soft, fading locks. While this look can take some time in the initial appointment, it is a great for trying out the trend as it will grow out very well and requires less upkeep. This look is a flattering step out of the norm, perfect for anyone ready for a change, and we are happy to create the perfect Sombre style for you.

Balayage is a look that is more focused on the roots, and appears more like a highlights throughout the hair. Balayage can be fully personalized, and used for anyone, but most particularly for the sun kissed appearance of Jennifer Anniston or Sarah Jessica Parker. Since it is so easy to customize a balayage look, it can be used for everything from elongating a style to getting in on the pale color trend! This technique allows the color to grow out well, providing a look that is chic. It will have the most upkeep, so be prepared for that when you speak with your stylist. This style also requires the most skill and technique, therefore it can be time intensive but you’ll come out of the salon looking fantastic.

Now that you have the facts, what will the looks do for you? Ombre styles are great for a laid back look that stands out. It is the perfect mix between chill and chic, and look stunning from red carpet to street style.


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